Address:Sumec Internation Plaza, No.68 YunLongShan Road, NanjingPostcode:210019
4 domestic
Self-owned Factories
Total Area
1000 people
Total Employees
7 million pieces
Auunal Output



Product Investigation and Planning

According to the strategy for overall development, the company should firstly investigate grasp the latest information in the domestic and foreign markets that is beneficial to the company's development, then determine the strategy and goal for product development, and finally initiate a new project.

Product Design&Development and Intellectual Property Protection

According to the requirements of the new product development project, the company should carry out product design and R&D of new products, new processes and new technologies, identify and establish full-fledged technologies for the development of new products. At the same time, according to the results of new product R&D, the company should carry out intellectual property protection by timely and effectively applying patents and releasing product standards in advance, in order to create a technical barrier in the increasingly fierce market competition.

Resource Database Construction

According to the product resources and technical resources accumulated in the preceding R&D process, the company should integrate, store and refine resources and build a resource database based on services and support, for the purpose of realizing resource sharing, as well as promoting business advancement and new product R&D.