Address:Sumec Internation Plaza, No.68 YunLongShan Road, NanjingPostcode:210019
To be a Leader in the Household Product Industry.
To be a Builder of Wealthy and Caring Lives.
Create new paths of growth, create value for customers, support to achieve success, assume social responsibility.
Core Values
Purse customer satisfaction and ensure quality first.


Culture Activity
SUMEC Group Sports Meeting The Team of SUMEC Textile
Bring Coolness in Summer
Family Day activities
A Beautiful and Intoxicating Women’s Day
The company won the first prize in the 14th SUMEC employee singing competition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China
SUMEC Textile showed up at the 40th anniversary of SUMEC Group with the wonderful performance of the song “Heavenly Road”
Social Responsibility
Company donated living supplies to medical staffs fighting against the corinavirus in Hubei Province
Say I Love You with My Little Hands
SUMEC Textile cares for people with intellectual disabilities. It pooled every tiny force, encouraging employees to participate in volunteer activities in Amity Foundation's Bakery.
The company carried out pairing-assistance to help Yancun 9-year school.
The company donated warm quilts to Zhendong Village, an economically weak village in Luji Town, Siyang County.