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We will strengthen the construction of the cadre team and the talent echelon, and in accordance with the principles of hierarchical training and dynamic management, we will establish a long-term training mechanism to provide employees with opportunities for capacity improvement and career development, and help employees grow and succeed.

Leadership by Elites

We will carry out training for cadres, support middle and senior managerial personnel to continuously improve their knowledge structure, improve comprehensive qualities, enhance leadership, execution and innovation skills, so as to build a team of excellent cadres.

Senior Employee Project

We will strengthen the training of key employees in positions such as operation, management and technology, encourage employees to continuously improve their personal qualities and job skills, enhance the construction of a reserve cadre team, and create a benign atmosphere for the development of talent teams.

Rookie Project

We will continuously hold online and offline courses for new recruits, organize exchange meetings and expansion activities, help new employees understand our history, current status and development strategy, familiarize with and recognize our culture, improve job skills, and quickly integrate into the team.

Mentoring Project

We advocate the building of trainer-trainee ties and continue to build a great team of internal trainers by constantly enriching their strength. We also advocate learning and strive to create a cultural atmosphere which promotes continuous learning and knowledge sharing while making full use of our rich intellectual resources to expand our knowledge and experience base.